All animals between the ages of 1 month and 6 months are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding and correctly sexed. If you are not satisfied, we will replace your animal as long as you notify us within 48 hours from the time of arrival.

All animals over 6 months of age are guaranteed to be healthy and correctly sexed. Due to the very nature of Ball Pythons going off food for extended periods of time there is no guarantee that any Ball Python over 6 months of age is feeding.


Full payment is required in advance by cash, money order, bank draft, bank transfers, wire transfers or Cryptocurrency. All payments must clear before the shipment is sent out.

Deposit/Payment Plans

Payment Plans are available on purchases of $1000 US or more. Minimum deposit is $1000 or 50% of order.

For example if your order is $1500 your deposit is $1000. If your order is $6000 your deposit is $3000. All money received go towards the payment on your animals. If your order is 100% paid in full then I have a 100% deposit on your order. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!!

Bank Transfers (Payable to "Corey Woods")

Royal Bank

TD Canada Trust

Wire Transfers (US Funds)

TD Canada Trust

Shipping - Domestic

All shipments are sent out Air Freight via Air Canada only.

Shipping - USA & International

We will ship with an assortment of Airlines depending on their destination. Call or email for a shipping price quote. Air Canada is our carrier of choice. Shipments will be sent out collect unless the airline requires prepayment. If this is the case the freight charges will be added onto the price of the animals. All USA shipments are sent to a designated port only unless the customer has a broker or holds an Exemption to Designated Port permit from US Fish & Wildlife.

CITES documents

All shipments outside of Canada require a Canadian CITES Export permit. These are available free of change and generally take anywhere from 7-28 days to complete.. I have same day (Blank) CITES on hand so I can turn around shipments very quickly for international customers. I do not charge for these documents at this time.

The CITES permits will be professionally completed with the information provided from the customer. However, due to the very nature of filling out the CITES permits (collecting the information from the customer to fill out the CITES permits), Corey Woods Reptile will not be held responsible for any errors or mistakes made in the CITES permit. Please make sure any/all information is true and accurate to make sure the shipment is not delayed, held up, confiscated, or returned...etc. Corey Woods Reptile cannot be held responsible for errors made on the customers end either by not providing the proper information for export or not having the proper permits in their home country to import.

In the event the shipment is held up, detained, confiscated, returned...etc. due to an error in the CITES permits the customer assumes all costs and responsibly for the shipment. In the event the shipment is confiscated due to errors on the CITES permit, Corey Woods Reptile, will not refund or replace the shipment.

In the event a shipment is returned there is a 100% restocking fee.

Please note that Corey Woods Reptile is a legal, registered, commercial business. Thus, all shipments will be classified on the CITES permit as a commercial shipment unless otherwise noted by the customer.


All specimens are available on a first come first serve basis. Animals are not considered sold until a deposit is received. If we cannot supply you with your animal we will refund your deposit promptly. Generally speaking deposits are not transferable from one animal to another. Please choose wisely!

Holding an order for shipment

This is a normal practice and obviously shipping Internationally takes some time. However, some people place an order and then for some reason, unknown to us, they refuse to take their shipment. This has happened more times than I can recount. Or, people get 75% through their order and stop paying. Again, this is a legal transaction. You pay me money and I ship you snakes.

Canadian Shipments - Can be held for unto 4 weeks (28 days), unless prior arrangements have been made. After 4 full weeks (28 days) then a care and maintenance fee of $10/day/animal will apply. This fee must be paid in full before I ship.

International Shipment - Can be held for unto 12 weeks (84 days), unless prior arrangements have been made. After 12 full weeks (84 days) then a care and maintenance fee of $10/day/animal will apply. This fee must be paid in full before I ship. The time is longer for international shipments as shipping is more complex and customers may need a CITES import permit or I may need to aquire a vet health certificate.


Due to the fluctuating Canadian Dollar all animals are priced in US funds. Prices are subject to change without notice. Canadian sales are subject to sales tax (GST and HST). Please call for current pricing and shipping charges.

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