About Me:

My name is Corey Michael Woods and I was born on Dec 9 1979. I started keeping Reptiles (Turtles) way back in the early 1980s as I had always had a fascination with reptiles as a kid. I wasnt too fond of snakes at the time but I was that annoying kid that always came up to you with a frog, toad or turtle. There was many a time when Id catch a painted or snapping turtle only to bring it home, clean it up and release them again where I found them.

Growing up we always had pets, but, I was the only one who wanted everything that he saw. In 1994 I purchased my first Ball Python from a pet store as "CB" but this was in early April and she came loaded with internal parasites. With the snakes along came all the rodents and other projects associated with keeping reptiles. I soon began supplying the local pet stores with mice and rats which to me were surplus food but to others were fancy looking pets.

After a couple years of keeping just 1 ball python I decided I wanted to breed them. I had not seen any albino Balls available for sale in Canada so I snail mailed a request for a price list to Bob Clark. I still remember to this day sitting around the kitchen table opening up the price list and I was floored to find out an albino Ball python male was going to cost me $7500 US. I thought anyone who would pay that money for a snake was out of their mind. Little did I know I'd be paying that and more for them (Ball Pythons) in just a few short years!

In 1997 I purchased a trio of Burmese who produced in 1999. This was my first experience breeding snakes. The following year, 2000, I bred my first ball pythons and got 4 clutches of which 28 babies hatched out. Since then I've hatched out well over 1000 pythons. My collection consists mostly of Ball Python colour and pattern mutations but I do work with Blood Pythons and Green Tree Pythons.

For the past 7 years I've been building up my Ball Python collection. I'm happy with where I'm at today. I take pride in what I have and will continue to strive to produce top quality animals in the future.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your time.

Corey Woods

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