Super Pastel Jungle

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python
Morph: Super Pastel Jungle
Genetics: Co-Dominant Colour Mutation
First Produced By: NERD
First Produced in Canada: Mark Mandic


The “Super” form of the Pastel Jungle. The Super Pastels are brighter than the pastels and keep their colour better into adulthood. The results of breeding a Super Pastel to a normal are all Pastels. Where as when you breed a Pastel to a normal half are Pastels and half are normals. So, the real benefit to breeding a Super Pastel is that you produce all Pastels. This helps when you are trying to produce crosses involving the Pastels.


I’m a big fan of the Super Pastels as they cut the guess work and a lot of time out of making crosses. Super Pastels look good on their own but the benefits are enormous. If you were to breed a Super Pastel to lets say a Pied all of the resulting offspring will be Pastels 100% het Pied. So, you know if you have 6 eggs you are going to produce 6 Pastels that in this case would be 100% het Pied. However, if you were to do the same cross involving a Pastel crossed to a Pied out of the 6 eggs you wouldn’t know what you were getting. Since the odds of producing Pastels are 1 out of 2 eggs over the long run you’ll produce 3 pastels out of 6 eggs. But, since each egg has a 1 out of 2 chances of being a pastel in the clutch of 6 eggs you could have 6 pastels, 3 pastels, 1 pastel......or maybe even no pastels. There is no guarantee. So, you could do all that work and it would still be possible to not produce any pastels, although, that is highly unlikely.



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