Super Pastel Orange Ghost

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python
Morph: Super Pastel Orange Ghost (SPOG)
Genetics: Co-Dominant and Recessive Colour Mutation
First Produced By: Corey Woods
First Produced in Canada: Corey Woods (2004)


A double visible mutation. The Super Pastel Jungle (Graziani Line) and Orange Ghost (NERD Line).


All I can say is WOW! He looks better than what I expected! Since he is both a Super Pastel and Orange Ghost whatever I breed him to will produce Pastels 100% het Orange Ghost. This is where things get interesting. Think about the possibilities when bred into Pieds, Red Axanthics, Lessers, Caramel Albinos…..etc. Since he is a Super Pastel there is no guess work on to how many Pastels will be produced…….they will all be Pastels 100% het Orange Ghost. This allows you to produce the crosses quicker since you are producing all Pastels.

I started the Pastel Orange Ghost (POG) and Super Pastel Orange Ghost (SPOG) in 1998. I bought my original Orange Ghost female with the soul purpose of breeding my Pastel male to her. I first produced the Pastel Orange Ghost in 2003 and Super Pastel Orange Ghost in 2004. Since I started this project in 1998 it took 5 years to see the Pastel Ghost Orange and 6 Years to see the Super Pastel Orange Ghost. It was definitely worth the wait!!



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