Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python
Morph: Piebald (Pied)
Genetics: Recessive Colour and Pattern Mutation
First Produced By: Pete Kahl
First Produced in Canada: Mark Mandic


A Ball Python with patches of white randomly placed over the body and tail. The “non-white” patches of the animal are either striped or a blotched pattern as well as having intense colours of yellow, orange and light tan. The White is the most brilliant white seen on a snake.


One of the weirdest mutations around......but, also one of the coolest! These guys have that “awe” factor. Even people who don’t like reptiles, or snakes, can have an appreciation for these guys! Piebalds will have a huge demand for years and years to come.

I’m currently working with 2.1 Pieds all from Ralph Davis’ stock. I’ve had very good luck with Ralph’s out bred stock and my animals seem to do exceptionally well. I’ve produced numerous hets since 2003 and hopefully this year we’ll see a pied or two hatching out.



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