Orange Ghost

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python
Morph: Orange Ghost
Genetics: Recessive Colour Mutation
First Produced By: NERD
First Produced in Canada: Corey Woods (2003)


A very pale animal that appear to have reduced black. I’d also say that with the Orange Ghosts they seem to have an increase in yellow that give them their washed out look. The yellow seems to cover the outer layer of skin masking the black. This would also explain why they have clear (patternless) shed.


The Orange Ghosts have been around for a long time. They were proven genetic in the early 90’s, however, people didn’t “get them” until the early 2000’s. As soon as people started seeing the crosses these guys could make it seems like everyone wanted them. In the late 90’s you could pick up a female for $1500 US. Now, you are lucky to find a female for $3500 US! So, all you guys and gals out their producing quality Orange Ghosts……send them to me in trade!!

I imported my original Orange Ghost female in 1998 and the following year brought up an Orange Ghost male. I’ve been lucky enough to produce a couple crosses using the Orange Ghosts, most notably the Pastel Orange Ghost and Super Pastel Orange Ghost. Other crosses are planned as well. I think all mutations would be enhanced when combined with the Orange Ghost.



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