Cinnamon Stripe

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python
Morph: Melted Stripe
Genetics: Unproven Pattern Mutation
First Produced By: Unproven
First Produced in Canada: N/A


This mutation is characterized by a broken veritable gold striping as well as a melted side pattern.


I’ve had this particular animal in my collection since 1998. She came in as a small CH animal that didn’t eat very well and had a massive, long lasting upper respiratory infection. After some TLC and a long quarantine period she finally made it down into my breeding group after several years. I produced 3.3 “hets” from her in 2002 all of which have orange and yellow dots randomly placed all over their body. Unfortunately I sold off 2 of the “het” males and the remaining male has been a very shy breeder up until the 2006 breeding season. As of this writing (March 2006) the mother is Gravid and 2 of the 3 "het" sisters are looking promising. Hopefully this year I prove or disprove this mutation.

When I first received this animal I called it a "Cinnamon Stripe" or just "Cinnamon" for short. This was before the Co-Dominant Cinnamon Pastel was named by Greg Graziani. I now call this animal "Melted Stripe" but I do reserve the right to change the name if I prove it genetic!



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