Burgundy Hypo

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python
Morph: Burgundy Hypo
Genetics: Dominant Colour Mutation
First Produced By: Ralph Davis
First Produced in Canada: N/A


This mutation is characterized by an overall Burgundy and/or Chocolate appearance. Most Hypos (Ghosts) experience an increase in yellow that masks all the other colours, where as the Burgundy Hypo seems to have an increase in brown colouration that masks the colouration.


Iím currently working with an unproven line of Burgundy Hypo. Other lines have been proven genetic so I am hopeful something will come out of my line. To date I havenít been able to get my female Burgundy to produce eggs.


Burgundy Head Shot

Burgundy Around a Normal

Lesser Breeding the Burgundy Female

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