Black Stripe

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python
Morph: Black Stripe "Woods" Line
Genetics: Dominant Pattern Mutation
First Produced By: Unknown
First Produced in Canada: Corey Woods (2001)


This mutation is characterized by a thin black, sometimes wavy, black vertical striping down the spin as well as a very clean side pattern. These guys differ from ďBlack BacksĒ as Black Backs tend to have thick, wide black stripes with heavily speckled side pattern. See the section het Red Axanthics for a good example of a Black Back.


With my collection of Black Stripes Iíve noticed that the offspring are aggressive as hatchlings which stays with the animals as they mature. A benefit of this aggressive nature is that the Black Stripes are very good eaters. In fact I havenít come across a problem feeder yet. This mutation would be a good candidate to breed into other mutations to increase feeding responses. Iíve also noticed that these guys have a very long strike range. Most balls will strike up to 1/4 of their body length. The Black Stripes can strike up to 2/3 of their body length and use all of their body to coil their prey.

Iím concentrating my efforts with the Black Stripes to produce an animal with an unbroken Black Stripe as well as no side pattern. Iím getting close to my goal. Each generation gets more and more extreme! Iím also working with a ďWhite BackĒ Albino who is a Black Striped Albino.


Black Stripe and Het Red Axanthic (2 totally unrelated mutations!)

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